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California Cannabis Hemp & Health Initiative 2012
Hemp is the #1 renewable resource for all of our: paper, fiber, paint, plastic, fuel/energy, protein, medicine, essential fatty acids, and relaxation!

The final wording was just submitted! The signature drive will start in January of 2012. We will have under 150 days to gather at least 750,000 signatures from registered California voters.

Help us place CCHHI 2012 on the ballot! Donate to Jack Herer's Political Action Committee (PAC), the California Cannabis Hemp & Health Initiative. Any amount helps!

This money is to hire signature gatherers. Any donation $100 and over must specify either employer's name, self-employed, or unemployed.

or mail checks or MO's to:
California Cannabis Hemp & Health Initiative
2242 Ralston St
Simi Valley, CA 93063

CCHHI 2012 Official Web Site
Our News and Info Center.
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Thanks for joining us at the CCHHI 2012 launch at the Greener Fest and the Bay Area Launch at Deep Green Fest.

Never forget Jack Herer, the godfather of the modern Hemp movement. Our initiative is based directly off of Jack's vision and his previous initiatives.

Noted attorney Bruce Margolin supports the initiative.
Hashbar.tv supports the initiative.

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